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Reactions of Plutonium
Reactions with air
Plutonium reacts readily with oxygen, forming PuO and PuO2, as well as intermediate oxides.
Reactions with halogens
It reacts with the halogens, giving rise to compounds such as PuX3 where X can be F, Cl, Br or I; PuF4 and PuF6 are also seen.
Other reactions
It will react with carbon to form PuC, nitrogen to form PuN and silicon to form PuSi2.
Reduction Potentials
Balanced half-reaction E0 / V
Pu4+ + e-Pu3+ +0.970
Pu3+ + 3e-Pu(s) -2.03
PuO22+ + 4H+ + 2e-Pu4+ + 2H2O +1.04
PuO22+ + e-PuO2+ +0.916
Pu(OH)3(s) + 3e-Pu(s) + 3OH- -2.42
Pu(OH)4(s) + e-Pu(OH)3(s) + OH- -0.95